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Chordscape is a Windows/.NET application for guitarists. It has both educational and compositional benefits for players at all levels.

With Chordscape you can not only view chord and scale diagrams but you may also show them in any guitar tuning thus enabling you to play and compose in such tunings as Open G and D Modal.

Chordscape is free to download, use and distribute and comes pre-loaded with 30 chord types, 20 scale types and 8 guitar tunings.

Diagrams may be printed or saved to PDF or image files (PRO users only). Each chord lists all scales in which it may be used and each scale lists all chords therein.

For a modest sum of only £10 (10GBP) you may upgrade to a PRO licence. PRO users can not only print and save diagrams but can also build and add any other chord or scale type and any other guitar tuning. These user defined types (UDT's) can be freely shared amongst other Chordscape users.


  • To download the free trial version simply add Chordscape to your cart. At the checkout enter the following PROMO CODE: TRIAL

    This will give you a 100% discount. After trialling the software you may obtain a licence by repeating this process without using a coupon code. Once you have paid for the software you will be issued with your registration code. 

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