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Welcome to Low Voltage Records. We are a small independent record label incorporating our very own recording studio, Cave Studios at Horse Hill, Surrey, England.


Our artists write and record their own music here which is distributed for sale or free listening across the Internet via Internet Radio, online stores and SoundCloud.


We love to make and share our music with people who share a similar passion for recorded sound.

Here you may connect with our sounds or give us a shout if you'd like us to:


* Record your work (though we can only facilitate small setups) 

* Mix your songs (whether recorded at Cave Studios or elsewhere)

* Master your tracks

* Productise your material

* Distribute your music here or on all major services

* Get information about our software

* Get your album cut to vinyl with full quality album sleeve


Today In The Cave...

* Tracking the new Paul Duggan album 

Down The Line...


* Mixing and mastering Paul Duggan's second LP

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