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Burn your own CD using a DDP program such as Hofa. Extract all files to a directory then import the directory as a DDP import in the Hofa menu.


"From Tau Boötis and across this edgeless universe, music be your flame and be your fuel."

The Observable Universe, the debut album by Paul Duggan.

Written and recorded at Cave Studios between July 2018 and March 2019, mixed at Cave in April 2019 and mastered at Cave in May 2019.

The album was officially released on June 12th 2019 on all leading streaming and download platforms. It is also available on vinyl, cassette and compact disc. 

All tracks written by Paul Duggan except "Tommy Atkins" (Paul Duggan/LiL Duggan) and "Waiting For The Sax Man" (Paul Duggan/Frank Hyde).

Performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and designed by Paul Duggan for Low Voltage Records at Cave Studios.

Vinyl cut at Vinyl Carvers, London.

Photography by Martha Duggan.

"The Observable Universe" by Paul Duggan - DDP CD Image (burn your own CD))

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