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Have your songs, EP's and albums released here on the Low Voltage Records label on your own dedicated page at the price you set. For that you will receive 100% of the sale price minus PayPal charges on all downloadable media sales. Each song you put into our store for 1GBP (£1) per song will remain in the store for a period only limited by the existence of Low Voltage Records or until you wish us to delete them. 


All information and tracks should be sent via our free WeTransfer service. You may send both compressed (eg MP3) and/or lossless (eg WAV, FLAC).

Release Your Track, EP or Album here on Low Voltage Records

  • Releasing tracks on Low Voltage Records is non refundable, however we are happy to delete them from our catalogue.

  • For each track and/or release we require the following:

    * Artist Name

    * Album/EP Title

    * Song Title

    * Composer(s)

    * Publisher (defaults to your artist name)

    * Artwork

    * Optionally: ISRC number per track (if you have one)

    * Optionally: UPC/Barcode per release (if you have one)

    * PayPal or other payment details so that we may pass on 100% of your income

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